5G Technology Cancer of the soul .. How does anxiety and stress destroy our lives?

Every morning Ahmed awakes from his sleep‭, ‬alarmed by the sound of the alarm clock‭, ‬which looks like an electric shock‭, ‬in order‭ ‬to arrive at the appointment without delay and alarms‭. ‬Last night he was never able to sleep easily‭, ‬and although he has been insomniac for years‭, ‬he was thinking about the interview his manager asked for the night after the failure of the company’s last project and losing it to a rival company‭. ‬When Ahmed began to work with the company‭, ‬his work was impressive‭. ‬He was full‭ ‬of life and vitality‭, ‬but in recent years he began to suffer from constant anxiety‭.‬
His responsibilities have doubled in the company‭, ‬while his company has real threats about its financial position‭. ‬Many of his friends who work in the same field do not find work after their companies closed due to the economic crisis‭. ‬His wife has long been aware of his constant paralysis‭, ‬his demeanor and his depressive temperament‭. ‬He has become so forgotten that he no longer remembers the things she asks of him as he did at the beginning of their marriage‭. ‬He is also taking high blood pressure medicines‭ ‬that were thought to be a disease that affects only the elderly‭. ‬Before the start of the last project he felt that he was unable to work and applied for leave from the company but his request was rejected because of the company’s need for all its employees at this difficult time‭, ‬which made matters worse‭.‬
At that time‭, ‬he was rumored to have a number of doctors who agreed that he was suffering from‭ ‬“stress and chronic anxiety”‭ ‬that could develop into depression or even Alzheimer’s if he could not control it‭. ‬Ahmed’s case is not unique‭. ‬We all know what concern means well‭. ‬“I do not need to worry about you‭. ‬This may be useful in times of exams and contests‭. ‬For example‭, ‬it helps us to achieve but it‭ ‬becomes a devastating monster that works slowly when it continues‭ .‬
“For long periods without being able to restrain it‭.‬
“For those who are afraid everything is issued lightly”‭ - ‬‭(‬Greek novelist Sophoglis‭)‬

It is not easy to convey the pain‭, ‬suffering and misery experienced by people who are anxious before‭, ‬during and after self-threatening situations‭. ‬According to a lot of research and studies‭, ‬the anxiety affects cognitive processes carried out by the mind a‭ ‬profound impact‭, ‬it hinders the ability to organize and retrieve information from memory‭, ‬and result in a poor performance of cognitive performance and teachers is weak and disturbed myself and ill health‭. ‬Spielberger‭, ‬a renowned stress and anxiety research expert‭, ‬has been following a group of high-level college students for three consecutive years‭:‬


“More than 20‭ ‬per cent of high-anxiety students were classified as academic failures and were dismissed from college as a result‭,‬‭ ‬compared with less than 6‭ ‬per cent of low-anxiety students‭. ‬High‭, ‬for their low-anxiety peers‭, ‬suffer mental ill health and severe psychological symptoms‭. ‬“‭ ‬Anxiety is a major component in understanding the lack of cognitive performance and academic achievement at present‭. ‬The number‭ ‬of people who visit doctors as a result of concern is greater than those suffering from colds‭.‬
It has been shown that anxiety is among the most important factors that lead to major depressive episodes and attempts to commit‭ ‬suicide‭. ‬Long periods of stress and anxiety also lead to high blood pressure diseases‭, ‬a step that leads to atherosclerosis‭, ‬which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes‭. ‬Persistent anxiety also causes gastrointestinal problems‭, ‬especially irritable bowel syndrome‭, ‬gastric ulcers‭, ‬and chronic stress causes obesity due to the constant need of the body for foods containing‭ ‬carbohydrates‭. ‬Tension hormones affect the suppression of immune cells‭, ‬leaving people vulnerable to infection and slowing the rate of disease recovery .

“Anxiety does not eliminate the disasters of tomorrow‭, ‬but it absorbs the activity of today‭, ‬and dispels the present”
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